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Want to generate revenue off of your video library?

Blue Channel Digital's Video Paywall platform is a fully hosted application allowing you to upload, manage, organize, and monitize your video library for all platforms.   Whether you just have a website for your videos and/or need to extend to mobile and OTT, BCD's Video Paywall platform has the power and ease of use to get the job done.


  • Integration to all the major video platforms... Zype, Ooyala, Brightcove, and others
  • Supports Live, VOD, and OTT destinations with specific rules and workflows for each platform
  • Ready to go Roku, Amazon and AppleTV applications
  • Videos can be browsed/searched in front of paywall to maximize SEO and social sharing
  • 100% responsive layouts
  • Paywall integration with, Payleap, Stripe, Paypal and others
  • Multiple billing and pricing accounts, with auto-renew
  • Free/Promo tokens with auto expiration for trial accounts
  • Detailed, transactional logging of user activity on all platforms
  • Trustwave compliant - no user-specific data stored locally
  • Member control panels let the users manage their own accounts
  • Suggestion/Relation video content appear automatically
  • Multiple genres and categories, including live streams
  • Cloud-based management tool

Case Study: Rural Media Group

RFD-TV is the flagship network for Rural Media Group. Launched in December 2000, RFD-TV is the nation's first 24-hour television network featuring programming focused on the agribusiness, equine and the rural lifestyle, along with traditional country music and entertainment.

In 2011, Rural launched The Country Club ( to extend and offer their product to the digital universe behind BCD's Video Paywall platform. With over 10,000 members with an average 2000+ active users each month, The Country Club has been a huge success for Rural, generating new revenue and increased viewership.

The Country Club utilized 3 different video vendors through the years (Brightcove, Ooyala, and currently Zype). BCD's Video Paywall's modular design has enabled the smooth transition from each provider to the next with virtually no downtime on the front end or OTT apps. The last 'switchover' seamlessly moved 10 terabytes of videos and meta data from platform to platform.

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