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Still working with index cards and notebooks to manage your pool membership?
Pool Club Pro makes it easy to manage all of your member registration, renewals and account updates by empowering your member with easy to use tools to manage their information from year to year.

Unlike other web-based membership applications, Pool Club Pro is architected from the ground up specifically for managing all of your pool's member-related processes. From creating new accounts, adding to the wait list, paying for their membership online and utilizing guest passes, Pool Club Pro is the most comprehensive, easy to use platform on the planet.

  • 100% Cloud-based application. NO Hosting costs!
  • Fully white-labeled with your pools logos and design (if required)
  • Very powerful platform with many features, but you only use the features you need.
  • Multiple subscription styles. From single family rates to multi-person rates (each additional member = $X in dues)
  • Additional services are available... from websites to digital display systems, all in one platform
  • Accept Credit cards now! Integrations for multiple pay services: Authorize.net, Stripe, Paypal, Paypal Business and others. Workflows for invoicing and payments via standard mail
  • Designed to divide tasks to multiple administrators, all with notifications and alerts
  • Several Fee-based Features: Initiation fees (one time or split across years), late charges, guest passes, and one-time fee adjustments
  • Full transactional audit logs. You see every transaction per member account... from logins, updates and daily check-ins
  • Ability for members to upload/manage family pictures for visual verification at front desk
  • Simple membership numbering scheme makes it easy for members to check-in at the pool (although front desk can search by member name and street
  • Member accounts allow for extra contact information (ie: spouse) per account
  • Built in email functionality to bulk email members directly or from a subset of a search
  • Easy to navigate dashboard highlights specification items needing attention
  • Dozens of report modules keep you up on everything that is going on with your pool
  • Modular and easy to customize the platform to meet your pool's specific needs

For more information:  http://www.poolclubpro.com