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Low Cost Linear Broadcasting without the studio
The Channel in a Box (CiaB) Platform offers a low-cost, easy-to-deploy solution to launch and support automated and branded dynamic channels to web, mobile, over-the-top (OTT) and digital sub-channels. With CiaB, content owners can create a dot.DIGITAL experience that leverages live and/or existing video assets, graphics, tickers and feeds with flexible monetization options.

CiaB combines the major elements of a broadcast facility to execute 24/7 dynamic on-air presentations with minimal oversight. This allows publishers to easily create a lean back and view experience. Content and feeds are dynamically acquired, managed and verified to ensure data integrity and eliminate on-air errors.

  • Master Control - organize and execute a multi-tiered playlist/log
  • Video Playback - support standard video formats
  • Graphics - incorporate text/graphic overlays
  • Trafficking - dynamic playlist/log functionality with reconciliation

At the core of CiaB is the Blue Channel IntelliEngine, an intuitive cloud-based management portal that provides for global asset sharing and management from a single interface. Whether live and/or existing video assets, graphics, ticker, feeds and ads, content can be immediately organized and programmed into individual shows that contain separate modules, with unique assets.

Architected for minimal management, any combination of shows may be programmed as time-specific or random playout. The IntelliEngine guides content scheduling for day parts, zones and campaign flights and can immediately switch from scheduled to live programming at any time.

Customizing your own experience is easy with CiaB, which allows content and feeds to be directed into three distinct zones that can be individually configured into a dynamic presentation. The CiaB logic layer then updates each presentation in real-time based on the data scheduled. Prominent branding and availability to present a ticker that supports data feeds from RSS, Twitter, NWS and other sources can be incorporated.

CiaB offers traditional advertising and advanced sponsorship branding with as-run reconciliation logs generated with visual snapshots during playout. Advanced advertising options include traditional spot playout, billboards and channel/zone takeovers. Sponsorship-style advertising opportunities - including graphic overlays (such as logos and snipes)- are afforded over any event. Additional advertising options are afforded by DFP.

CIAB Live Stream from NBC-2 in Ft. Myers, Florida

CIAB Live Stream from ABC-7